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Качественно, но...

Нет экспорта на email в виде kmz, только картинку может экспортировать. Так же довольно глючно работает функция установки точки по текущим координатам. За приятный интерфейс 3 звезды.


Измерения очень не точные, слишком большая погрешность. Интереснее было бы через спутник определение координат,как у геодезистов

Хреновое Приложение

Два раза отмерил одну и ту же территорию. Результаты отклоняются друг от друга на 27%. Короче бесполезное Приложение


I measured an area I know is 2.9 acres, this app tells me it’s 4.6.

Add more pins to existing shapes

How do you add pins to an existing shape? Do you have to delete it each time and start over?


Great time saver..needs a more in depth tutorial to quickly utilize all its benefits.

Excellent app

I use the app all the time. It is pretty accurate. Only fault I could even attempt to give it, google maps doesn’t update fast enough. And that is out of their control.

Mirror my work on 2 iPads

I want to use the program on 2 devices with the same saved information. Can you do this and how?

Perfect for measuring commercial roofs

I own a commercial roofing company and use this app to measure roofs every day. It’s very accurate and easy to use. Love that you can easily label things and color code them as well.


At least one GPS coordinate needs to be on window.


Great app

Time Saver!

Great app! I'm in the turf industry and it's been a valuable tool for accurately measuring lawns. They are great at responding to help requests!

McNeill Sport Turf LLC

This is the only way to go when you need quick measurements. We utilize the program to measure athletic fields, Fencing projects, and concrete estimates. No more on site hand measurements to bid projects. Great product Thanks.

Amazing update!!

I have used Planimeter ever since MyMeasure messed up their app. With the new update Planimeter has taken the usability to a whole new level! With the ability to now have multiple structures, shapes, and colors it has so many new capabilities.

Great job...good updates and support...needs cloud sync

I love this program. Have recommended it to several others. It's fun, accurate and handy for many professional and non-professional uses. Only problem is that there is no sync function. I work mainly on iPad but would like to carry the work on my iPhone. Developer has done a good job of updates, and continues to listen to his host of users for recommendations in the future. I highly recommend this app.

I use it all the time

I use this app a lot for work, as an engineer. Wonderfully written and easy to use.

Very useful

I use this all the time. Great for quick measuring and with the new features it is easy to use. I've told many people about this program over the years and they have purchased and used it extensively as well.

Worst update ever!

Don't waste your time or money!

Update needs improvement.

Do not like the update. Can't edit after you hit the check mark and can't remove last pin like in the previous version. It also drops a pin when you hit the check mark so if your not still on your line it messes up the whole measurement and it can not be fixed. Frustrating.

Nice update!

Once again this app is great. Very handy. Don't think about it just get it, you won't regret it. Thanks devs!

The best aerial measuring app

I use this app on a daily basis to estimate parcel and building sizes and I couldn't live without the it. The developer is also very responsive. Well worth it!!

New update 👎🏽

Can not delete single marks with the new update


I really like this app figuring acreage but would like to be able to do more than one tract at a time without having to erase the previous one first

Useful update keep it up

It's getting better every time

Continues to be BEST Planimeter App

I have been using this app for years. Went to use it and received notification that app needed upgrade for iOS compatibility. Yesterday app updated after emailing developer requesting update on 7/2/17. Awesome new functionality pushes this app back up to the top position for planimeter apps.

Great App - Accurate, Professional UI

Nicely updated! This app comes in very handy in the field. I am a road construction inspector and have had the opportunity to compare this app against known survey measurements of over 13,000 ft and have found it to be within 3 ft at that distance. I am convinced that the difference of 3 ft is related only to my inability to select the beginning and endpoint perfectly, which is expected. The user interface is very professional. Recent upgrades as made the app very fast. Best of all, it still utilizes Google Maps imagery, which is higher quality than Apple Maps. I highly recommend this app to anybody who might need to measure something outdoors, whatever it might be.


This is a pretty good app fir us in oil and gas. It just now needs the Section township and range

Professional App.

I use this app to measure agricultural fields and wok perfect is simple to use, fast, and accurate

Nice app

Works pretty good for various dimensions. Very close to actual measurements.

Love it!

Easy to use. Hopefully the devs will update for the next iOS.

Works Great!!

I use this tool to measure my roofs. It is accurate enough to use for my estimates.


Great so far. Needs update Apple says

Great for measuring lawns

I use this app to measure square footage of lawns and distance for edging, rain gutters etc. ..... I have found the measurement to be very accurate.

Didn't have needed functionality

I was trying to measure the area of an irregular polygon where I knew the lengths of the sides. Ideally, I wanted to draw this on a map and measure. It doesn't do that. You can drop pins where you think they belong, but you can't make precise measurements. Apparently Apple won't refund your money unless you spend hours hunting down the developer and getting it in writing the functionality you need doesn't exist. So if this is the functionality you need bypass the expense.

Exactly what I need!

This app provides me with exactly what I need. Very accurate and simple to use. Keep it up!


great little app; I use it a lot to calculate distance, perimeter & sq. ft. also handy to get an aerial view.


Like the app but why won't it allow me to save appropriate name to a saved map only lets me save untitled maps


This app needs to be updated !!!!!

Great App

It's a must have if your construction. Great Tool

Great app but could use a change

Really love the App but is it possible to do more than one measurement on one screen? It would be great and 5 star, if this was possible

Don't waste your money

Just took a measuring tape and made a square in the field. Then used the app to check the area. Clicked on the first corner then the mid point then the second corner continued the same process until completing the square. The result looked like two triangles smashed together and the area was no where close. Wish I could get my money back.

Very disappointing

It's fine if all you need is a single distance or the area of a piece of land, but they didn't put much effort into it. You can't even name your saved projects.

Great for custom operators

Works well for outlining fields and sharing with equipment operators. Quick and easy to use

Lost plats & bombs w my iPhone 6s+

Irksome! The program lost 1 of my best plats (took me hrs of walking), and it crashes back to the background each time I open it on my 6s+. When it works, good.

Great app

Update: this app could have been unfortunately abandoned. It's a great app but the last update/upgrade was in 2014. It'd be nice if you could "cut out" sections within the area you have highlighted. I also would like an elevation graph between point A and point B!


I use this all the time to calculate acreage, on fields that I apply fertilizers and pesticides. It is always right on track with the fsa office.

Good tool but useless

It does great measuring. The only drawback is that it seems to erase all the pins when im almost done or in the middle of measuring, it is frustrating trying to measure large areas and when yore done it is all erased... I cant seem to find the fix for that....

Landscape guy

Excellent app. - I use it every day for work and it has made acquiring square footage and lengths quick and easy.

Great app

I use this all the time to approximate acreage. Very easy to use and a great time saver.

Great app

Or use this for my work almost every day. Once I show other people that I have this app, they usually buy it right on the spot. It's one of the few apps that I purchased and felt that it was worth it.

Good for open fields only

Can't exclude house, pools, planting areas. Can only zoom in so far...not enough to get accurate measurements for curved areas. Not worth the money.

Great app with room to improve

Ive used this app to measure properties for lawn estimates pest control around houses and so on....very accurate and effective, wish could edit names of properties to go back for later on......a whole lot easier than using google earth pro

Really Useful App

Wonderful for my needs

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